Everybody’s Got A Hungry Heart: How to Change What You Crave

https://pinecast.com/player/522e4930-b34e-4a8a-8624-50b69336bc80?theme=minimal (also on iTunes) What to expect: Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they shall be satisfied. (Matt. 5:6) Most people don’t think they can change what they crave. They think they can change what they do, but the craving will always be there. That might not be the case, though. […]

Between the Lines: Sarah & I are both using the Full Focus Planner (aww…so cute, right?) (10/8/2018)

https://pinecast.com/player/364ca9bd-b937-4338-a384-d8be438224b4?theme=minimal (also on iTunes) What to expect: As a person, I’m a planner. However, I’ve never wanted to actually use a paper planner. Sometimes they look big & bulky. Other times I just saw it as one more thing for me to leave behind accidentally. Lastly, I could never wrap my mind around better using […]

Between the Lines: Sunday Recap (10/7/2018)

https://pinecast.com/player/da59e371-d0d3-4619-a16e-325d84c9afbd?theme=minimal (also on iTunes) What to expect: Pastor Aaron Barnett blessed us with an excellent sermon from Matt. 5:5, which he preached to another record-breaking crowd at Grace Fellowship Fort Thomas (that is, if the numbers are right).  It was a great day. Additional Resources: Listen to the sermon at graceky.org/sermons. Pastor Aaron Barnett’s bio […]