Between the Lines: Sarah & I are both using the Full Focus Planner (aww…so cute, right?) (10/8/2018)

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What to expect:

As a person, I’m a planner. However, I’ve never wanted to actually use a paper planner. Sometimes they look big & bulky. Other times I just saw it as one more thing for me to leave behind accidentally. Lastly, I could never wrap my mind around better using my time by using a tool that requires time to maintain. I just didn’t get it.

But about a month ago, I gave the Full Focus Planner a shot, and – I – love it. Serious game-changer.

I suggested Sarah give it a shot, and she said “no” (sigh). {:-(

But then she said “yes”! (Woo-hoo!) {:-D

Tonight I’m helping her set it up. Listen to us talk about some initial feelings about it, and expect an update as to how it’s going at some point in the future.

Additional Resources:

If interested, check out the Full Focus Planner at