Between the Lines: Sunday Recap (11/11/2018)

Listen HERE, on iTunes, or on Spotify. What to expect: Upside Down Living sermon series came to a close today as I preached Matt. 5:10-12. Full Sermon will be uploaded to Sung a new song today! Check out Yes I Will SOOOOOO great to see John again for the first time since we left Newport!  


Between the Lines: Mercy & the #MeToo Movement

Listen HERE or on iTunes. What to expect: If the Bible calls you to be merciful, and you’re a victim of sexual abuse, is it wrong to come forward and report the person?  Absolutely not. Let’s talk about #MeToo and mercy. Additional Resources: Click HERE to listen to the original sermon.

Between the Lines: Sunday Recap (10/28/2018)

Listen HERE or on iTunes. What to expect: Reading vs. Feeding on the Word of God Children’s Ministry expansion Some articles I enjoyed reading over the weekend Upcoming content preview Thoughts surrounding the tragic events in Pittsburgh, PA. #PittsburghStrong Additional Resources: Hear Pastor Brad’s sermon HERE. Check out “Alexandra Pelosi Plunges Into Trump Country” (The New […]